Houseboat on Norfork Lake

The trip was inspired originally by my father. When I was 12, my father showed me a brochure of a houseboat from Bullfrog Basin but mother wasn’t convinced that being surrounded by water was much of a vacation. Ever since that time I wanted to tackle that adventure and last year our family of four did just that on a 40ft houseboat on Norfork Lake.

This year we invited our entire family. Unfortunately my parents were not able to join us because my father was in the hospital after falling off the roof of his home. But the rest of us, my brother’s family & my sister, had a blast. The fishing was great!

The boat was 56ft long and 14ft wide with four double beds and a pull out sofa. The trip was a great success and our family is doing it again in September so my parents can join us this time.

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