Florida – Take Two

We’ve never spent time in northern Florida so our stay in Navarre Beach was wonderful. Our RV site looked out over the bay of the Gulf of Mexico. What a sight to fill our eyes with each morning and evening! Each night, the cotton-candy-sunset-sky found me lounging under a tiki tent, watching Brian and the boys fish from the white sand at the water’s edge. Perfect.

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My beautiful boys

Brian attended an internet conference in Orlando so we stayed at the Marriot for a few days while the RV had warranty repairs done. In pure “keeping up with the Disneys” fashion, the hotel looked like its neighbor’s yard with palm trees and flowers everywhere. The pool had cascading waterfalls and a water slide. It was a very cozy stay while our RV was in the shop.

We surprised an old friend, Scott Welch, one Sunday morning, when we showed up at the church he pastors in Oldsmar, near Tampa. Scott is the guy Brian and I patterned our youth group after back in ’93. He’s a brilliant communicator, a very funny and cut-to-the-chase kind of guy. We even got to see his daughter, Jordan, who was younger than my kids are today when we brought 20 youth down to Florida to bike the Keys with Scott’s group.

Scott Welch & Brian

He offered us his condo on Indian Rocks beach while the RV underwent further warranty repairs. Our stay there has been a highlight of our travels to date. We could see the ocean from our windows, the beach just a short stroll from our doorstep. Once again the boys were in fishing nirvana, heading out every chance they got with their gear. One day they ventured out to the great deep on a charter fishing boat. I know they caught something because we choked on the smell of it for weeks each time we boarded the Envoy, as the bag of goodies never made it to the fridge, let alone the frying pan. I loved walking on the beach as the sun rose and taking in the majestic sunsets from a beach chair with a little boy on my lap. Jack and I were always quicker to retire than the fishermen. However, one thick night sky witnessed the triumphant catch of a shark, a truly satisfying end to the means.

Finally, our home was finished and we set off for Nashville.

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