Pickin' And Grinnin' In Nashville

It is great fun staying in Nashville because we park our house right next to Scott Brickell’s house. Our kids and their kids can’t get enough of each other and Brian and I thoroughly enjoy the comfort of the Brickells’ hospitality. Brian coordinated a songwriter night at the French Quarter, featuring Laura Sullivan, Nathalie Whisnant, Jayron Weaver, Lane Turner and yours truly. It was a wonderful night of high quality entertainment and fun with our amazing friends.

Brian booked Sunset Blvd. Studios to get a few more songs recorded. I finished “Liberating Paris,” a song I wrote based on Linda Bloodworth Thomason’s book of the same name, on the road from Florida to Nashville. As usual the Dream Team of David Cleveland, Steve Brewster, Mark Hill and Jason Webb gave the song wings. We cut “Surrounded”, written by David and I, and “My Favorite Sport”, written by Brian for Ben to eventually sing. I was SO proud of my little boy when it came time for him to sing it for the guys. We knew he was nervous but he threw off the nerves and sang like a pro. Very impressive! Soon Ben and Jack will have their own CD to share with their friends. I am so proud of my two little boys. To hear them sing thrills their daddy and I to no end. Ben picks out harmonies and nails ’em. Their pitch is dead-on. They’ve even written a couple of songs. When I hear their little voices in the back seat belting out, “Mary’s gone to heaven rainbow in the sky”, I’ve arrived. There’s no greater joy that music could possibly hold for me. I pray that Ben and Jack will know the satisfaction that I have fully appreciated, of being able to sing a song, to accompany themselves, to write a song, to be in a band with amazing musicians, and to share that with people. Not for the gain, not for the glory, not as a means to an end, but for the pure joy of it. What a gift – to be a musician.

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