What Are You Doing Here?

It’s the little “Wow! What a small world!” kind of coincidences that make this adventure even more incredible. We were walking down a street on the edges of Colonial Williamsburg dreaming of the luxurious Thanksgiving Feast that awaited us in the Williamsburg Lodge. A car pulled up beside us and the familiar face in the window said, “Hello Beckers.”

Rachel & Mary Keeling and their mother, Leslie Henson, surprised us in Williamsburg!

Rachel & Mary were in our Youth Group at FUMC in Poplar Bluff during our four years of Youth Ministry (circa 1993-1996). We have incredible memories of the time we had with them and their classmates.

Rachel is working in Washington, D.C., Mary is still going to school in Springfield and Leslie lives in Poplar Bluff. Evidently, Rachel couldn’t come home to Poplar Bluff for Thanksgiving so Leslie and Mary decided to head East. Like us, they decided the best place to enjoy Thanksgiving near D.C. was Colonial Williamsburg (170 miles from D.C.). They were heading to the same feast in the Lodge that we were.

What a great time of hugs and catching up we had and a great reminder to us of all our friends back in Poplar Bluff on this Thanksgiving Day.

3 thoughts on “What Are You Doing Here?

  • Greetings from an old friend from Poplar Bluff.

    The internet is an amazing thing.

    Ran across your site. Well, really went looking for you in cyberspace.

    You seem to be doing great.

    Email me.
    John Mott

  • “Wow! What a small world”! is absolutely correct. What a treat seeing the Beckers. The icing on the cake was spending Thanksgiving in Williamsburg. I think spending Christmas in Williamsburg would be just as much fun.

    Beckers: I hope you are having a fantastic time, wherever you are!

    Leslie Henson

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