Early Christmas In Missouri

The first Sunday in December found us in Nashville which gave us the chance to visit The Peoples’ Church. Brian and I went to a Sunday School class that we really enjoy. After church we got to have lunch with Nathalie (the amazing vocalist on my Cds) and Daniel Whisnant and her parents. We decided to head back to Missouri right after lunch in hopes of making it to PB in time to watch the cousins perform in their Christmas play at church. And make it back – we did. The kids really enjoyed the drama and we hauled the three thespian cousins, Kaylin, Andrea and Coulton, back to Williamsville in the RV.

Though there was no white blanket of evidence of winter, the temperatures were a dead give away. One night while nestled, all snug in our beds, we ran out of propane and woke up to chilly noses and toes. No white Christmas celebration with the family but a very special celebration anyway. My sister-in-law, Pam, received scary news at a rather routine Dr. appointment which revealed that she had a cancerous growth contained within the walls of her kidney. Meaning: surgery to remove the growth by removing the kidney. Pam, my sister-in-law, is a very strong woman of faith. No one wants to receive the news, let alone go through the ordeal of invasive surgery, but Pam’s true colors beamed through as she met the challenge with faith and grace. The surgery was the ticket to a clean bill of health and Pam is getting back to full-swing duties as wife, mom, choir director, teacher, Bible study leader… Thanks God. Anyway, our early Christmas with the Becker side of the family was very special this year with so much to be thankful for and to celebrate.

We had a great time at the semo.net Christmas party held at Las Margaritas. Brian and I are always grateful for the exceptional people who help run the company. Each one is special and vital to semo.net’s success. Not being a techy in any sense of the word, I, personally, admire all of them highly for their knowledge. In our travels, whenever people inquire about Brian’s ability to run the company from an RV, I never miss the chance to brag on the amazing people he has working for him in PB.

Though the time in PB was brief we did enjoy spending time with some of our favorite people. We really appreciate the time we get to spend with our friends when we are back home.

We decided to head to Texas on a Thursday. Packing up and last minute errands took most of the day. By the time we reached PB it was dinner time so we parked the RV out in front of Hardees South. Then we realized that because our satellite doesn’t track well we were going to miss “Survivor” and we just couldn’t have that! We decided to linger in Hardee’s parking lot and watch Survivor before taking off. We even had visitors! Bobby, Grace and Garrett Hudson happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by. These are the times when I realize that my home is a big truck rolling down the road with everything I own, not to mention everyone I love, in it. On this chilly night our home was smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping traffic shooting up and down Westwood Boulevard. At least until Survivor was over.

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