A Perfect Texas Christmas

We had such a great Christmas!! It is always a huge blessing to spend time at my sister Jenni’s in Texas. This time we had nine wonderful days including a memorable Christmas celebration with the Loden family. Each time we visit my sister’s family we know many memories are going to be made. We love where they live, we love hanging out with them, we love how welcome they make us feel, we love the fun we always have whenever we’re together. Once again, the kids immediately got swept up in the fun of playing together, eating up each moment of play time they had to spend. Christmas weekend was filled with baking and cooking for the big feast, shopping for last minute gifts, and wrapping. How much fun is doing all of that with a sister?! On Christmas Eve, the gifts were placed around the tree and they stretched across the room up to the landing of the upstairs stairway! Wow!! Christmas morning was wonderful – everyone was blessed. Later in the morning Larry’s mom and dad, Earlene and Jim, arrived and a little later still Larry’s brother, Mark, his wife, Lee, and their daughter, Ruby, came to celebrate. The whole day was festive with beautiful decorations, fun gifts, tons of yummy food and lots of conversation and laughs. One gift (of many) that stands out as the big hit was a parachute man that each boy was given. All the boys – including the big boys – had a ball launching those things into the air – as high as possible – landing them in several trees. Alexandria rescued Jackson’s from a tall tree with a ladder and long branch, much to Jack’s joy. We had another perfect time with the Lodens!

blog ready kids on Christmas at Lodens.jpg

One of the very best presents showed up a couple of days after Christmas, sending Brian to the Austin airport to pick it up. The story began several weeks earlier when Brian asked Jack what he’d like from Sissy this Christmas, Jack said, “Like probably a Hot Wheel car or some cowboy boots size 12 or maybe that you could come and visit us because that would be a great surprise, more better than anything else.” Now how can you say no to that? So when Brian arrived back at the Lodens’ home, the boys opened the door to find their Sissy, Elizabeth, beaming back at them! Perfect just got even more perfect!

blog ready Sissy and boys at Lodens.jpg

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