Safe in Florida

Many people have called and asked if we made it through yesterday’s storms. We were safe from the tornadic weather, but found ourselves in the outskirts of the band of weather with plenty of lightening and thunder.

We are currently at The Great Outdoors in Titusville. We are 75 miles southeast of Lady Lake, the area being displayed on the television and 43 miles south of Daytona Beach.

The night of the storm, I was going to bed at midnight when the winds really started blowing. As one who now lives in a non-permanent structure, any major wind causes us to check the weather channel. I saw the band of weather and it showed the dangerous weather was going north of us but stayed awake another hour and a half to make sure we were safe. Toni was awakened several times in the middle of the night from the lightning and thunder. Storms feel so much closer when your four walls and roof are so thin.

We want to thank everyone for your prayers and phone calls! We feel fortunate that we were safe from the destruction of the storm.

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