Georgetown, Texas, Again!

We made our way from Florida starting on Thursday, Feb 22nd. Friday we stopped in Tampa for our new stereo to be installed in the RV. Saturday night we were west of Tallahassee. Sunday morning we got up and had home-church (at some point we will write about this precious part of our on-the-road experience) and headed west, stopping near Baton Rouge.

The boys with Uncle Ned from Half Moon Bay
Here is Ben & Jack with Uncle Ned in Key West (due west of here is Mexico!).

Up early Monday morning, we drove to Southwest Houston by supper time to meet up with Toni’s good friend, Mary Ann Parker.

Tuesday, we got up and drove 20 minutes to west Houston to have coffee with another good buddy, Pat Hunt. By 4pm on Tuesday (six days after leaving the southern most point of the contiguous United States), we arrived at our destination: Georgetown, Texas.

We park our RV right next to Toni’s sister, Jenni’s home which is located on 10+ acres. We still live in our RV, but our boys have so much fun with the Loden kids: Alex, Nathaniel, Micah & Elijah. You might remember them from the

We’ll be here in Texas for all of March and half of April before we start making our way back to Missouri by the first of May. Both Ben and Jack are excited to play league baseball in May and June with their buddies.

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