It's Summertime – Where are they now?

Hey there, we came to Poplar Bluff (where we once owned a house) and have set up camp on the outskirts of town in the Camelot RV Campground. We’ve come back for the summer so that both our boys can play baseball with the same friends as last year.

Jack is playing 35mph Pitching Machine baseball in the Christian League for the “Texas Rangers.”

Ben is playing 44mph Pitching Machine baseball in the Poplar Bluff Civic League for team “” I am assistant-coach.

We’ll be in Poplar Bluff through mid-July when their seasons end and then head out for a 9-month run: starting with five weeks in Wisconsin, out to Washington & Oregon, a month to travel through California, up for a few days in Vegas, to the Grand Canyon and Sante Fe and back to Texas in time for Christmas, Florida in January and who knows from there.

One thought on “It's Summertime – Where are they now?

  • Brian and Toni,
    When you make it up here to Washington,drop a note to let me know and if possible,would love to catch up and say hello again. Since I’ve finally gotten the nerve to drive on the interstate (lol),I drive back and forth to Seattle quite a bit to visit friends. Lots to see up here in the Northwest…Sand Juan Islands…Pike Place (“Sleepless in Seattle”). It’s wonderful seeing how you and the boys have grown.
    Take care,

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