Baby Just Fall by Ben (2012)

Ben wrote a song for a close friend, Cassie, whose father was deployed to Afghanistan in July. I’m proud of Ben and his tenderness toward such a tough subject that the boys and girls of our country have had to endure for 11 years now in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Ben was 3 when our country declared war after 9/11 and his entire generation has grown up with their fathers and mothers consistently deployed.

May God bless the wonderful men and women who have faithfully and sacrificially given in service to our country and may the dear friends to each of their families continue to say a heart-felt “baby, just fall.”

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Jack Busks In Downtown Franklin

After a day of studio work where Jack hung with dad for 12 hours, I told him we could do anything he wanted. He opted for making money with his guitar and we headed down to the town square of Franklin, Tn.

His sign said “Tips for New Bike” and he pulled in $105.00 in 1 1/2 hours.


Booked In Branson: On Stage With Eagles Tribute Band

Benji and Jack were just booked to perform two songs each night during Memorial Day Weekend in Branson at the “Eagles Tribute Band” concert in the God and Country Theater (Friday, May 25 – Sunday, May 27).

The “Eagles Tribute Concert” has been voted best show in Branson and features uncanny resemblance to one of Rock-n-Roll’s greatest bands.

A special thanks to long-time friend, Jon Sousan, for the invitation and booking!