Our New House has Wheels

SoldOurHouse.jpgWell, the adventure is about to begin…My family has made…shall we say…an interesting decision. In July we sold our 3300 sq. ft. house and bought a 41′ diesel RV.

For the next 8 months our plans are to enjoy the U.S.A. We home school Ben and Jack (3rd & Kindergarten this year) and decided that life lessons on the road would be a wonderful classroom.


Here’s our first “video” of the adventure: BeckerBoys.com/Video.html
(Make sure you select to play the whole video (3 minutes) rather than just the 15 second preview.)

Current plans have us back in S. E. Missouri three times over the course of the next year: Halloween, Christmas, Boys Baseball season in May-June.

Unplugging From The Mainstream

This world has a way of putting the big squeeze on a person. Life gets so busy and chaotic that it seems to live you instead of the other way around. I’m not quite sure who is to blame for the insane schedules that families keep these days, but it seems that between work, school and “extra-curriculars”, the fewest number of hours in the day are spent with each other and the greater number of precious hours are spent with…others. I rather like spending time with my little monkeys and I’m kinda jealous over our time together as a family. There was a time, in the not-so-distant-past, when I wondered if Brian and I were ever going to have children to share this amazing life with. Then to have TWO perfect little boys!
Ben and Jack are such reminders of God’s faithfulness to us!. We don’t want to squander a minute of time we’ve been given. I feel blessed to disconnect from the tangle for awhile in an effort to slow life down and make our precious moments together count. To tell the world, “Hey, you ain’t the boss of us!”

Ben's First Double Play

BaseballBen.jpgWell…a proud dad has to brag! Ben completed his first double play tonight as he caught the line-drive and threw the ball to first base before the runner made it back for a forced out. It definitely wasn’t a smooth display of baseball…but none the less…it was a double play!

After the game (a defeat after three extra innings), the coach of the other team said. You’ve got a great second baseman there. I said thank you and told him his son did a great job. He then said, “So what position does your son play?” That’s when I realized his earlier compliment was directed at the team having a great 2nd baseman…not just me. I proudly said, “Second base!”

Proud daddy, signing off.