The Adventures of Is and Be

Ben and his long-time buddy, Isaac, got together this weekend and wrote, drew, animated, recorded and programmed the first in a series called “Is and Be” short for Is(aac) and Be(n). To watch it, just click on the image.
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Okay…here you go! Enjoy.

Is and Be – Happy Mother’s Day

One of Ben’s Scratch Programs

Ben and Jack have been programming with MIT’s new programming language for Elementary students called Scratch ( Here is one of Ben’s cartoons he’s created. When we were in Texas, Ben and the twins (cousins) were out playing when they looked up and saw a fawn-deer. What happened next was funny for two of them…and traumatic for one. The fawn, though never seen again, has since been named Buddy.

All characters and buddy were drawn by Ben

Ben – Florida Wild Life

I’m sorry, but I have to brag here.

This is an unbelievable piece of art.

The boys spend time every day doing art, so when Ben was asked to make a cover for his Wildlife of Florida booklet, this is what he drew. WOW! If you would like a frameable print, he said he’d sell copies of it for $25 each. 🙂