iOne – Episode One – Guitar Fight

I knew it had to happen at some time.

Last weekend: My boys asked me to grab the camera.

I went upstairs and I recorded what they did. Ben edited it into their first episode. I made a few suggestions, but this is the boys’ work. Their first, all by themselves, work.

As for the content…well, I actually didn’t think it was funny, just cute; but they showed it to two of their close friends, Isaac & Jaron, and I couldn’t believe how much they laughed. As soon as it ended they asked to play it again because they couldn’t hear all of it because they were laughing so hard.

So, to really enjoy this show, find a boy who hasn’t become a teenage yet…and watch it with them.

I’m a proud dad. I have two creative boys who amaze me beyond my wildest dreams.

Guitar Fight

The Adventures of Is and Be

Ben and his long-time buddy, Isaac, got together this weekend and wrote, drew, animated, recorded and programmed the first in a series called “Is and Be” short for Is(aac) and Be(n). To watch it, just click on the image.
If you really like it, click to “signup” a new account and then you can click the “LOVED IT” link to make their animation move up the charts.

Okay…here you go! Enjoy.

Is and Be – Happy Mother’s Day

One of Ben’s Scratch Programs

Ben and Jack have been programming with MIT’s new programming language for Elementary students called Scratch ( Here is one of Ben’s cartoons he’s created. When we were in Texas, Ben and the twins (cousins) were out playing when they looked up and saw a fawn-deer. What happened next was funny for two of them…and traumatic for one. The fawn, though never seen again, has since been named Buddy.

All characters and buddy were drawn by Ben

Jackson Becker – Texas Ranger

Jack has moved up the batting order during his career as a Texas Ranger. Now batting #3 and Dad is convinced it is because of games like last night. He came up to bat three times and got a single, double and home-run. Look at the determination on his face, we are so proud of our youngest! Please take the time to click on the image/link below and watch Jack’s home run at-bat.
Click this to watch Jack’s At-Bat

Ben’s First Studio Recording

Three years ago, I started writing songs for Ben and Jack to sing that dealt with the things they love to do…sports, friends, family, etc. Shortly after writing the first song, My Favorite Sport, I took Ben into a demo studio at age 5 and recorded the song. But I always wanted a better sound, so when my friends at Sunset Blvd Studios in Nashville had a session available back in October, I jumped on it.

You can hear the rough mix of My Favorite Sport. PLEASE REMEMBER: This is not a finished song, it doesn’t have background vocals, and Ben’s vocal will be re-recorded once we get the BGVs done, in addition we are going to try to get Chris Berman’s approval to use his voice in the song. Not only in the second verse, but the entire solo section is to be vocal clips of Chris’ calling sports plays.

Hockey PlayerFootball Player#2 about to Bat

Here is your chance to hear the song and follow us through the recording process and hear the recording as it develops.

Session Players:
Drums – Steve Brewster
Bass – Mark Hill
Guitar – Dave Cleveland
Keys – Jason Webb
Engineer – Steve Dady

My Favorite Sport
by Brian Becker and Steve Seawright
Head to the lockers the season is done
But next week is soccer and sports makes life fun
Most of my shirts have a number or name
I like playing it live or on a video game

Swing for the fences
Shoot from the three
Lift it to the top shelf
Kick it past the goalie
Send me long
Or place it on a tee
Just give me the ball
Cause my favorite sport is them all

I locked him up with my fake to the right
I tucked the ball in and saw nothing but daylight
You make the call as you see my replay
You’ll hear Chris Berman yellin’
“He Could Go All The Way!”

Goodbye to Rosemary

Back in February of 1994, Toni and I bought two beautiful English Springer Spaniels from the Montgomery’s in Poplar Bluff. We named them Rosemary and Sage. Sage past away in the heat of the summer of 1996 but Rosemary lived on and on.

My parents have kept her while we’ve been on the road, and Rose was glad to see the family when we returned from nine months of road life. However, her hips had gotten worse as well as her hearing, eyesight and smell. After talking it over with the vet, it was determined that Rose was in too much pain to enjoy life. With great sorrow, on Wednesday at the age of 13 years (or 91 in dog years) Rose past away.

Ben, Jack and Rose (Easter 2002)
Rosemary: A Kind and Gentle Dog. 1994-2007

Ben – Florida Wild Life

I’m sorry, but I have to brag here.

This is an unbelievable piece of art.

The boys spend time every day doing art, so when Ben was asked to make a cover for his Wildlife of Florida booklet, this is what he drew. WOW! If you would like a frameable print, he said he’d sell copies of it for $25 each. 🙂

What Are You Doing Here?

It’s the little “Wow! What a small world!” kind of coincidences that make this adventure even more incredible. We were walking down a street on the edges of Colonial Williamsburg dreaming of the luxurious Thanksgiving Feast that awaited us in the Williamsburg Lodge. A car pulled up beside us and the familiar face in the window said, “Hello Beckers.”

Rachel & Mary Keeling and their mother, Leslie Henson, surprised us in Williamsburg!

Rachel & Mary were in our Youth Group at FUMC in Poplar Bluff during our four years of Youth Ministry (circa 1993-1996). We have incredible memories of the time we had with them and their classmates.

Rachel is working in Washington, D.C., Mary is still going to school in Springfield and Leslie lives in Poplar Bluff. Evidently, Rachel couldn’t come home to Poplar Bluff for Thanksgiving so Leslie and Mary decided to head East. Like us, they decided the best place to enjoy Thanksgiving near D.C. was Colonial Williamsburg (170 miles from D.C.). They were heading to the same feast in the Lodge that we were.

What a great time of hugs and catching up we had and a great reminder to us of all our friends back in Poplar Bluff on this Thanksgiving Day.