Ben’s First Studio Recording

Three years ago, I started writing songs for Ben and Jack to sing that dealt with the things they love to do…sports, friends, family, etc. Shortly after writing the first song, My Favorite Sport, I took Ben into a demo studio at age 5 and recorded the song. But I always wanted a better sound, so when my friends at Sunset Blvd Studios in Nashville had a session available back in October, I jumped on it.

You can hear the rough mix of My Favorite Sport. PLEASE REMEMBER: This is not a finished song, it doesn’t have background vocals, and Ben’s vocal will be re-recorded once we get the BGVs done, in addition we are going to try to get Chris Berman’s approval to use his voice in the song. Not only in the second verse, but the entire solo section is to be vocal clips of Chris’ calling sports plays.

Hockey PlayerFootball Player#2 about to Bat

Here is your chance to hear the song and follow us through the recording process and hear the recording as it develops.

Session Players:
Drums – Steve Brewster
Bass – Mark Hill
Guitar – Dave Cleveland
Keys – Jason Webb
Engineer – Steve Dady

My Favorite Sport
by Brian Becker and Steve Seawright
Head to the lockers the season is done
But next week is soccer and sports makes life fun
Most of my shirts have a number or name
I like playing it live or on a video game

Swing for the fences
Shoot from the three
Lift it to the top shelf
Kick it past the goalie
Send me long
Or place it on a tee
Just give me the ball
Cause my favorite sport is them all

I locked him up with my fake to the right
I tucked the ball in and saw nothing but daylight
You make the call as you see my replay
You’ll hear Chris Berman yellin’
“He Could Go All The Way!”

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  • hey guys,

    i just wanted to say hi and i really,really, miss all of you
    and i hope you all had a great Christmas . When you all
    get this note and when you do call me!!!! LOVE YA!!!!

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