iOne – Episode One – Guitar Fight

I knew it had to happen at some time.

Last weekend: My boys asked me to grab the camera.

I went upstairs and I recorded what they did. Ben edited it into their first episode. I made a few suggestions, but this is the boys’ work. Their first, all by themselves, work.

As for the content…well, I actually didn’t think it was funny, just cute; but they showed it to two of their close friends, Isaac & Jaron, and I couldn’t believe how much they laughed. As soon as it ended they asked to play it again because they couldn’t hear all of it because they were laughing so hard.

So, to really enjoy this show, find a boy who hasn’t become a teenage yet…and watch it with them.

I’m a proud dad. I have two creative boys who amaze me beyond my wildest dreams.

Guitar Fight