Naked in WalMart & Survivor at Lamberts

We arrived safely in Grapevine, Texas, after a four day journey from Wisconsin. What an interesting way to travel. The first night we stopped just north of the Wisconsin-Illinois line at a WalMart Supercenter. We pulled into their parking lot, parked over to the side and went to sleep. The next morning we awoke, had a few hours of school (and work for me) before heading on down the road. We traveled about 6 hours into St Louis where we stayed at the Eureka WalMart on Hwy 44. The next night was at a WalMart in Tulsa, Ok.

I can’t tell you the number of times we laughed out loud about living at WalMart. One morning, while taking a shower, I laughed out to the rest of the family, “I’m NAKED in a WalMart Parking Lot!!!!” This new life has experiences we just couldn’t have planned for.

Along our trip south, we met up with Elizabeth (she lived with us for six years in Poplar Bluff) for her birthday dinner in St. Louis, the Sousan’s for dinner at Lamberts in Springfield, and the Cox’s for breakfast in Tulsa. I met Chad Cox back in 1987 when I stayed with his family after a concert at Victory Christian Chapel. Chad was in high school then. He’s now married to Debbie (the granddaugher of Robert Lindsey) and they have three beautiful children. You can enter the strange and profound mind of Chad at He and I argue all the time! We love it.

After dinner at Lambert’s, the Sousans (from “70s Music Show” in Branson) were getting ready to leave and I said, “Wanna come over to our house and watch Survivor?” In the Lambert’s parking lot we expanded both slides of the front of our RV, turned on the TV and settled in for the premier of Survivor: Cook Island. What a blast! As they were leaving, Jon pointed to the few cars parked closest to us and said, “So, do you like your neighbors?”

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