Goodbye to Rosemary

Back in February of 1994, Toni and I bought two beautiful English Springer Spaniels from the Montgomery’s in Poplar Bluff. We named them Rosemary and Sage. Sage past away in the heat of the summer of 1996 but Rosemary lived on and on.

My parents have kept her while we’ve been on the road, and Rose was glad to see the family when we returned from nine months of road life. However, her hips had gotten worse as well as her hearing, eyesight and smell. After talking it over with the vet, it was determined that Rose was in too much pain to enjoy life. With great sorrow, on Wednesday at the age of 13 years (or 91 in dog years) Rose past away.

Ben, Jack and Rose (Easter 2002)
Rosemary: A Kind and Gentle Dog. 1994-2007

One thought on “Goodbye to Rosemary

  • Hi, Brian and Beckers All,
    I enjoy checking in with your travels from time to time. I know you are back in Poplar Bluff finally, and hope the boys enjoy their summer.
    It is sad to have to say goodbye to a family pet. Sorry.
    Tell Jack that when I was a young girl (about 11, I think), I went deep-sea fishing with my Dad, and I did the same thing. I went down into the cabin with a hand full of crackers and slept the whole trip. When I came back topside, we were on our way back in. The captain felt sorry for me and let me “drive” the boat for a while, even through a highway with a raised bridge!
    A few years ago, in Orlando for an Avon convention, some of us went to the Medieval Times show and really enjoyed it. However, I got soaked running through the downpour from the parking lot (I was the driver who let the others off near the door), and had to purchase some dry clothes in the gift shop to keep warm inside the arena. But, it was a great show!
    Georgetown. Isn’t there a college there? I went there once (I think) to play for the wedding of the daughter of a childhood friend of mine. They have a beautiful little chapel there on campus with a pipe organ. Very nice.
    The lemonade stand was quite an adventure! (Good training, Brian)
    Your whole lives are an adventure. Have fun!

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